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Spock was born 2232 in Shi'Kahr on Vulcan to human school teacher Amanda Grayson and Vulcan diplomat Sarek. He struggled to control his emotions in his youth and he embraced the Vulcan way of life, though he disappointed his father in choosing Starfleet over furthering his academic knowledge at home on Vulcan.

Starting as the science officer for Captain Christopher Pike, Spock became first officer under Captain Kirk as a Lt. Commander after the death of Kirk's friend, Lt. Commander Gary Mitchell. Gradually he advanced to Commander, and remained steadfastly loyal at Kirk's side; helping implement his orders with logic and careful evaluation as well as respect for the position and his friend.

Spock also frequently defended his friends in troubling situations and gave him advice he didn't always want to take. Such as when they used the Guardian of Forever to travel into the past, and he had to tell Kirk to allow an innocent woman to die to preserve their timeline. He assisted in taking his crippled former C.O. to the Talosians so that he wouldn't be limited by his disability, violating Starfleet protocol and risking the death penelty.

Most instrumental to Federation history was Spock's dealings with the Romulans. He was suspected of being a Romulan agent at some point even, after initial contact was made. He romanced a Romulan commander in order to help steal a cloaking device for the Enterprise, and in his much later life worked to help in a reunification movement between Romulans and Vulcans.

Spock comes off as emotionless and cold, as he is much accused of by Dr. McCoy. However, he has the normal amount of human emotion and attraction, thought it's deeply suppressed by his desire to follow the Vulcan way of life. He deals with things with raw rationality. If sacrifices must be made for the greater good, he will make them; even at the expense of the lives of close friends or himself. He is often embarrassed by any flashes of emotions, and tries to not show his connections to those close to him too openly. He is aware of who his friends are, and as mentioned before is extremely loyal.
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