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30 Dec - Contact Post
Greetings. This is science officer Spock and currently there are no life forms available to take your call, but at the prearranged audio signal please feel free to leave any verbal communication you feel is necessary. Live long and prosper.

[(To actually hear Leonard Nimoy say this, click here.)]
spock - communicator
2.a) Do you have any siblings? What relationship do you have with them?

While I am not given to discussing matters of a personal nature, I do have a half-brother. As not many know of the subtle nuances of Vulcan culture, our marriages are prearranged for the sake of a better political, genetic, and financial union between the families that create the affiliation. My father, Sarek, and the Vulcan princess T'Rea were betrothed on their youth and at the appropriate physiological stage in his development he took her as his bride. T'Rea soon found the relationship with my father to be unfavorable, and when she became High Master chose to end their union and remove both of them from their marital obligations. Their relatively ephemeral union produced a single child that was only revealed to him long after his birth.

It was not until her death that my brother, Sybok, and I came to be familiar with one another, though I was relatively immature. Like many of those experiencing adolescence, I would have disagreed with this assessment as the tribulations I had undergone had already solidified most of the concepts I would carry with me throughout life in my flourishing mind. I-Chaya's death was still a relatively fresh incident, my kahs-wan completed prematurely and at great expense. I had encountered difficulties in my studies at the Academy (not with my classes, but with the ridicule of other students who could not grow beyond century old prejudices against humans). My years had gradually tempered me and my experiences with their subtle and illogical hostilities made me more secure in my belief in the teachings of Surak, thus I could meet their questionable mockery with evasion. I did find myself... relieved... by my brother's presence in my life as he provided me with companionship in the face of my troubles at the Science Academy. This solace that I drew from associating with him and having the security of a rapport I presume to be a weakness in my emotional control. I am still striving to negotiate this part of myself, however then I indulged the tendency.

He was constantly impressive, with both his knowledge of Vulcan society and the formal rituals of our heritage. Frequently when confronted by other students, he would pose to them questions of logic that would drive them to deal with their own internal vices and leave me to my studies. I found his tactics inspirational and he was to me what most humans might have called a 'role model'.

There are complications with setting one close to you up on such a pedestal that I was unaware of at the time. I was so carefully gauging my reactions in regard to those I had no attachment that I never expected to encounter issues with those close to me. Even my mother, who supported my Vulcan choice of lifestyle and fully supported my father's enforcement of Surak's ideals I never suspected of causing me undo distress. Her human side, while corrupting me, she kept very well in check.

We attended a mourning ceremony for his mother where she was interned, and he fell crying before her vre'katra (the vessels we use to contain the katras of the deceased, much like the canopic jars of your Ancient Egypt). I was shocked by his display of emotion, and there he accused me and my beliefs of being erroneous. He believed himself the messiah of the Vulcan people, Shiav, and that he would lead us all to Sha Ka Ree, which can only be approximated in human terms as “Heaven”.

He was banished from Vulcan as he became more disruptive with his outlandish and boisterous brandishing of his heterodox ideals, and I entertained the notion of shame, briefly, in the wake of these exhibitions and the subsequent punishment. I discarded this shroud of negativity, as I realized it was perpetuating the misfortune that he had brought to my father's name and was clouding my judgment which was already threatened by my very genetics. I decided instead to embrace the facets of his character that I once approved of. His fascinating ability to draw out the worst in people and turn it into almost a physical concept capable of being discarded. He could frequently do so with only words, without the touch of his mind. I chose to carry that aspect of Sybok with me, and while I have little to no relationship with him now I do carry his influence quietly and internally, so that I might face those that oppose me with a stern face and realize that they are seeking outlets for their faults.

Character: Spock
Fandom: Star Trek : The Original Series
Words: 763
spock - vulcan
1. He retains many of the memories from his mind-melds. It's not usually referenced, but I can't imagine that he doesn't.

2. Its the human half of him that makes him especially good at telepathy, because he's more accepting of emotional responses than he would like to admit.

3. Tying into the previous one, he's drawn to emotional people. Despite antagonizing, he finds relief through interacting with them.

4. He usually is responsive to young women that remind him of his mother when he was younger.

5. Trying to rescue the Romulan people and rejoin them to Vulcan was an indirect gesture of love toward Saavik. Somehow symbolically he wanted her to reconcile her heritage through reconciling the two cultures.
spock - communicator
Character: Spock
Fandom: Star Trek
Words: 799
Prompt: Paralyzed
Notes: Contains a slight reference to hearts_andminds kidplot. Also contains spoilers for Star Trek.

Contains spoilers for the movie....Collapse )
spock - [older] thoughtful
18 Feb - 2009.7 - D
1. How much is your mother’s fault?
My mother allowed me to choose my way of life, so very little. I believe she would have taken pride in me, no matter which path I took.

2. Do you have an “inner child”?
No, and I fail to see what the virtue in having one would be.

3. Polkas: Joyful dance or just plain dotty?
What, precisely, is a polka of either sort?

4. Why didn’t Jesus turn the water into beer?
Because Surak encouraged Vulcans not to partake in alcohol and other mind altering chemicals.

5. If you had multiple personalities, do you get to add up all their IQ’s for your total score?
If you did, that would be a true testament to your lack of intelligence.

6. The Big Bang Theory: Fascinating science or just wondering if you’ll lose your virginity?
Fascinating science. The latter is not an appropriate matter of discussion.

7. If you arrest a mime, does he still have the right to remain silent?
I would presume so. But it would not be advisable in preparing a defense.

8. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around, do the other trees laugh?
Trees cannot laugh.

9. Should Disney make animated porn?
What is Disney? And most pornography is exploitative and victimizing, displaying individuals with a lack of respect and reverence for their own bodies. It would be inadvisable.

10. Is Satan self-possessed?
If Satan were an actual entity, being that he would be inhabiting his own form he could not possibly be possessing himself.

11. What is the level of importance that elevates a guy getting shot to an assassination?
Murder is murder, though typically assassinations occur to thwart political or ideological movements.

12. What happens if a baby falls into the Fountain of Youth? Does it disappear?
If by Fountain of Youth you mean time displacing chronoton stream, then yes.

13. Do vegetarians still bring home the bacon?
If one is colloquially speaking, they may, though they may be offended by the terminology and prefer a more animal friendly turn of phrase.
spock - !!! 2
Fandom: Star Trek
Character: Spock
Words: 475
Prompt: "Remember this: once the human race is established on more than one planet and especially, in more than one solar system, there is no way now imaginable to kill off the human race." Robert Heinlein, speech at World Science Fiction Convention, 1961

Humans were a curious, dangerously passionate breed.Collapse )
spock - shadowed
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